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Our Management Teams

Our management teams have a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding of social care.

Senior Management Team

Rhona Murray - withYOU

Rhona Murray

Managing Director

Lindsay Johnstone - withYOU

Lindsay Johnstone

Head of Finance

Donna Allan - withYOU

Donna Allan

Head of Operations

Services Management Team

Francis Behen - withYOU

Edinburgh and Broxburn

Francis Behen

Learning Disabilities Manager

Fiona Challis - withYOU


Fiona Challis

Midlothian Temporary Accommodation Partnership Manager

Louise McCord - withYOU

Edinburgh and Livingston

Louise McCord

Mental Health Manager and Young People’s Manager

Sharon Melrose - withYOU

South East Edinburgh

Sharon Melrose

Older People’s Manager

Sharon Hamilton - withYOU

East and Midlothian

Sharon Hamilton

Service Manager for Learning Disabilities and Mental Health