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We work together with exceptional people who want to remove barriers, change attitudes, and make things better. See what they have been up to.

Haggis,tatties and neeps

Burns Supper

Interesting facts and a recipe to go with it.

Christmas concert

Our Christmas Concert

Finally! The wait was over – showtime, our Christmas Concert! We desperately missed our weekly rehearsals; practising, getting together with everyone, and having a laugh. I jumped on the bus every Tuesday to meet up with others from Peffer and...

Jelly worms

Halloween Fun and Jelly Worm Recipe

This Halloween our St Leonard’s service decided to go all out in the resource centre. Decorations galore, with spiders’ webs and ghostly stares – the centre looked altogether spooky. To keep with the theme, we wanted to share a Halloween...

Tomorrow will be a good day

People we Support – Pleasance Day Centre All of us who attend the Pleasance Day Centre made some flowers as a tribute to Captain Tom. We did this while the staff supported us via outreach. We all agree that we...

Mandy and Josie

Mandy and Josie’s – Sponsored 5K

We live at the Peffer service, and we started going on walks with a goal to get fit. We decided to put our walking to good use and decided to do a 5k charity walk. We were very keen, so...