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Mandy and Josie’s – Sponsored 5K

Mandy and Josie

We live at the Peffer service, and we started going on walks with a goal to get fit. We decided to put our walking to good use and decided to do a 5k charity walk. We were very keen, so we found a 5k local charity walk to raise funds for fighting Ovarian Cancer.

We registered online with our wee team and got going round everyone with our sponsor sheets. Come the big day (June 2nd), we were raring to go. We set off in mist at 11am from Peffer. We were cheered on our way by a party of well- wishers, with our numbers on, and our juice and a sandwich to keep us going.

We walked from Peffer through the Innocent Railway Line cycle path and up steep steps to Holyrood Park. From there we marched on until we reached the Meadows. By the time we got there it was glorious sunshine. We walked around and back a different route home, stopping only briefly for some deserved treats from the ice cream van.

We kept a good pace without too much huffing and puffing, although it was tough at times but, by the time we returned, we had done 8k!

We were highly delighted with our achievement and proud to have raised over £100 for a charity and to have got fitter in the process.

We are both looking forward to doing another one and would like to challenge ourselves to a 10k at the end of the summer.

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