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Our Christmas Concert

Christmas concert

Finally! The wait was over – showtime, our Christmas Concert!

We desperately missed our weekly rehearsals; practising, getting together with everyone, and having a laugh.

I jumped on the bus every Tuesday to meet up with others from Peffer and Caltongate to rehearse our repertoire. We all decided to perform the following songs for our Christmas concert:

‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’, ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’.

We’ve had a lot of fun rehearsing each in turn, taking breaks in between to have a chat.

We also enjoyed helping set up the equipment each week for the concert.

Christmas concert

Because of Covid, we aren’t allowed to perform our Christmas concert in front of an audience. This meant we had to think of another way of performing our concert. After a group discussion, we decided on broadcasting our concert on Zoom. This way we could keep our promise to perform for St. Leonard’s Older People’s service.

We were all quite nervous but excited to perform. We introduced ourselves. It was strange doing it to the camera, but it was also very funny.

We start with ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’, with everyone singing along and we can hear our audience at St. Leonard’s too!

We have a good laugh, pulling crackers and cracking jokes before performing ‘Amazing Grace’ which goes down well, then more jokes before ‘Sweet Caroline’. Our last song was ‘The night before Christmas’.

Christmas concert

At the end we got a standing ovation!! We played out with verses of ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’

There was only packing up to do and to look forward to the New Year and preparation for the summer concert. Now what will we perform then? Any requests?

Performers: Josie Kanjanga, Kevin Bryce, John Ludick, Kathleen Duggan and supported by Alistair Hamilton.

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