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Marylee’s Story

Marylee - Senior Support Worker

My name is Marylee, and I am a Senior Support Worker at the Midlothian service for learning disabilities. I have worked for with YOU for nearly four years. Prior to that, I worked for a company called Link Living before it was transferred over to with YOU.

My journey in care started as an agency worker with a company called Harmony. During that time, I was a student studying an HNC in Social Care. This was a wonderful time for me; meeting new peers and learning new skills which were rewarding to me. Being an agency worker was a steppingstone in my career as I wanted to try different areas of work in the care sector before I decided which one I wanted to work in. I thoroughly enjoy visiting support and working with the community as it is a rewarding job supporting people and that’s why I chose to study this subject.

I worked for Link Living as an agency worker for a short time, then was given the role of Senior Support Worker. As I had the qualifications and experience in this line of work through the agency, I felt this was a good opportunity to enhance my skills and have a rewarding career. I had been working for Link Living for seven years prior to the takeover, which turned out to be a positive change for me. I was nervous, nevertheless I

was made to feel welcome, and my new colleagues were very helpful and supportive of me, which helped me to settle into the role quite quickly.

The Midlothian service provides a quality team and a great environment to work in. It brings many qualities to my role, and it is so rewarding making a difference to people's lives, health, and wellbeing.

The job at times can be quite challenging, however, I enjoy learning about the people we support and take pride in the difference I make to their lives. At Midlothian we provide a visiting support service, one which works across a variety of settings, from mental health to learning disabilities. We assist people who require support to live their lives as independently as

Our People

they can and, as a team, we ensure that all their support needs meet the highest possible standards.

I currently lead a busy lifestyle as I have five children. During my time at with YOU, I have been on maternity leave twice, the latest of which ended recently and, I must say, it is great to be back and enjoying the job I love doing. My team has been very supportive of me and are pleased to have me back onboard. I have missed contributing to people’s lives and look forward to continuing to provide support to the people I support.

I am very proud of what I have achieved in my life. I have a great career and have a wonderful family which I absolutely adore.