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Sharon Melrose, Service Manager

Sharon Melrose

Working with people is something that I have always enjoyed and have worked across different services in my 15 years in social care. After 8 years of working in St Leonard’s as a senior support worker, I was successful in becoming the service manager. St Leonard’s is a great service if I do day so myself! Working in the community with older people, enabling them to stay and be part of our community for as long as they can is amazing. I am so lucky to be working with amazing people and getting to do what I do.

Through the pandemic it was clear how, as a community, we all came together and worked with each other to makes things easier through this time.

We couldn’t do our usual stuff in the community, and we adapted and changed, focusing on being outdoors. Yes, even in the dreich Scottish summer we made the most of being out and about and staying active.

We were able to keep the gardening going at St Leonard’s and over the past year we have become quite the horticulturists, growing our own vegetables, and going fork to fork, making soups and stews thick enough to stick to your bones. We are looking forward to the next crop (when we get some sunshine!) and being able to come together to reap the rewards of our hard work.