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Our Support Stories

Young PeopleLewis

The Busy Life of Lewis

My name is Lewis, I am 21 years of age and have just moved into my first flat. I get support every day from Horizons to help me live here on my own and look after my flat.

Learning DisabilityDerek Kerr

Derek’s Happy Lockdown

During lockdown my days changed dramatically, however, my staff team made sure there was lots of sensory equipment, like new sensory lights in my bedroom.


Kevin’s Flight

I decided that I would like to take a flying lesson. I was supported to research companies and the prices of taking flying lessons both on line and over the phone.

Young PeoplePeter

Peter’s Story

Before the referendum I was really hoping for an Independent Scotland. I would talk to my support worker about this a lot. I was disappointed we did not get independence, however it was arranged for me to attend the First Minister’s Question Time and to meet Nicola Sturgeon.

Young PeopleIain - Xtreme Karting Complex

Iain’s Story

My support worker asked me if I would like to take part in an event at the Xtreme Karting Complex at Newbridge, near Edinburgh airport. I wasn’t too keen at first, but she asked me again the following week and my answer was more enthusiastic!

Young PeopleJosie

Josie’s Story

I like working with children and I would like to find a job to do this. I wanted to gain some experience and managed to get a work placement set up at a local primary school

Young PeopleTan

Tan’s Story

When I was 15 my mother bought me a flight from my home in Vietnam to France in the hope that I could find a better life than the one I currently had.

Older PeopleJimmy

Jimmy’s Story

I was supported to go on a long drive to Aberdeen where I had two pieces of art work on display at the Dementia Resource Centre.

Older PeoplePeter

Peter’s Story

Hi my name is Peter, I came to the St. Leonards service in June 2018 after being discharged from hospital suffering from an acquired brain injury.


Scott’s Story

From a teenager my life, very quickly became unmanageable and remained so for around 20 years, resulting in homelessness and a prison sentence. For the last 16 months I have been in recovery, carving a new clean and sober path for my future.