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Derek’s Happy Lockdown

Derek Kerr

During lockdown my days changed dramatically, however, my staff team made sure there was lots of sensory equipment, like new sensory lights in my bedroom. These are really cool as they periodically change colour and flash, and also project light patterns on the walls – I love watching this! I also got new fish for my fish tank. They are beautiful in colour and so relaxing to watch. My team also ensured there was still structure and routine in my day as this is very important to me. I had a go at making soda bread and, even if I do say so myself, it was very nice. I liked going out for a walk with staff. My team ensured that we observed social distancing and always took me to quiet areas.  I did watch more TV and films than I would normally do, if I had not been in lockdown, but don’t tell everyone! 😊

Now that restrictions are easing, I am very happy because I can attend my music therapy group. Although the group is smaller than it was originally, it is so nice to see the people I have not seen in such a long time.

Music is a big part of my life and I enjoy listening to the people playing the music. I love to clap my hands along to the beat. I have also been to Edinburgh Zoo and the Safari Park, which was great fun, especially when the lions were walking alongside my car. That was so cool! I really enjoy going back into supermarkets as I love food and love buying it. I like when staff plan out all my meals and I get a Chinese takeaway once a week. I really look forward to this. It was also nice over the festive period to have Christmas dinner with a few friends from the service. We all had a great time, and it was so much fun. By the end of the day, I had to have a wee snooze in my chair because I was tired out with all the activity. I now have Sunday lunch with another person who is receiving support from the service. We alternate the Sundays and I really look forward to this. After lunch we watch a film, and I always let her choose what film because I am such a gentleman.

It’s my birthday today and I have made plans with staff to go to the cinema and then for dinner. I am so looking forward to this as I have not been to the cinema in such a long time. Staff and I are working on creating a new activity planner for me. I like to plan things out, so I know what I am doing day to day. I have also booked to go on holiday in March to a cottage in Melrose. It looks amazing and it has a hot tub – too cool!  I have started to make plans with staff to turn my garden into a sensory garden, with water features, lights, and sensory plants. I like to touch things, really big bright objects on the fence and wall. I would also like a garden swing. I am so looking forward to this because I will also have a barbecue area, and this means I can invite my friends’ round for a barbecue in the summer months.  I think I might ask for a water cannon, only to soak my staff team, but don’t tell them as this is a surprise only for them!  😊

Derek Kerr

East Lothian Service