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Iain’s Story

Iain - Xtreme Karting Complex

My support worker asked me if I would like to take part in an event at the Xtreme Karting Complex at Newbridge, near Edinburgh airport. I wasn’t too keen at first, but she asked me again the following week and my answer was more enthusiastic!

When everyone arrived we were ushered into the briefing room where we were kitted out in our very smart one piece real race suits. The Race Director then gave us an illustrated and detailed instruction on all safety issues, which included both on and off track situations and to always observe all track marshals and flags.

Well it was out of the ‘classroom’ and headed towards the circuit to be ‘tailor -fitted’ with our very important crash helmets and safety gloves. The session, as was all track time, electronically stop-watch timed, all in an effort to grade those taking part with ability and experience.

I’m so glad my worker talked me into going as I had a great time and can’t wait to try it again!

For the heats we were once again split into two groups (A’s & B’s). Once we had worked our way through the schedule it was semi-final time, followed by the big one – Crème-de-la-crème withYOU grand finale!

This was high speed action for twelve laps, when the adrenalin push was really flowing, passing and re-passing. The competitors were more than pleased to see the chequered flag being waved by the marshal at the finish line.

Everyone taking part in our group was then ushered upstairs to where there was a ready-made rostrum and in reverse order the final places were announced by the Race Director where they took their place on the podium. Third place – bronze medal award, second position – silver medal award and in first place our champion – gold medal award. This was followed by a full group photoshoot.

I’m so glad my worker talked me into going as I had a great time and can’t wait to try it again!