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Scott’s Story


From a teenager my life, very quickly became unmanageable and remained so for around 20 years, resulting in homelessness and a prison sentence. For the last 16 months I have been in recovery, carving a new clean and sober path for my future.

As a result of my addiction, my family relationships suffered, I am now able to reconnect these relationships with family and the wider recovery community.

My family life has vastly improved, I now have an amazing relationship with my niece and this is consistent unlike before. My relationship with my sister is much better and I keep working hard to improve this, reaching out to her when she needs me, going shopping and babysitting for her. I can now be there for her.

Aid and Abet offers peer mentoring to both men and women who are in prison to support them prior to liberation and continue to provide support on release to access appropriate services and aid recovery.

Being in recovery has opened up doors to volunteering with Aid & Abet.

Living a clean and sober life and being honest and upfront about this has resulted in an assured permanent tenancy with Castle Rock Edinvar, offering me reliability and stability. Over the last 16 months I have moved a number of times. I can now see this experience has actually made my recovery stronger, as I have had to adapt and rely on my programme and support network that I have built up.

I am now chairing a fortnightly meeting from Klibreck House within withYOU’s MTAP Service, this is carrying a message of hope and recovery something I am passionate about as this is where I started my own journey of recovery. I work very closely with the team at MTAP and we have a really good working relationship. I am a member of various committees within the recovery community, assisting in raising awareness for GP’s and other professionals and generally promoting meetings in the Midlothian area. Through the fellowship we now have 4 meetings within Midlothian when only 18 months ago there were none.

My plan from here is to settle into my new flat and plan for my future.