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Working with people to move through and on from their experience of homelessness.

Homelessness Homelessness - Service

General Overview

We offer a range of support across Midlothian through our Midlothian Temporary accommodation partnership. We provide a range of service models including, Housing First and Tenancy Support with support being provided in people’s homes.

We have various temporary accommodations across Midlothian that provide support for individuals, families’ and young people.   We encourage engagement to support people to develop life skills and decision-making capabilities to become active and engaged in their communities.


Our homeless service is available to people identified as homeless or at risk of homeless 18 years and over.   Our young people’s service offers support from 16 years old up to 26 years old.

Housing support is offered and will be dependant of the needs of the person.

Referrals come through Midlothian Council.

Our Homelessness Support Stories

HomelessnessColin - Willow Structure

Colin’s Willow Structure

I am a keen gardener and I regularly participate in garden activities with my allocated worker to ensure the outdoor space of the accommodation is attractive and a place I can relax in.


Scott’s Story

From a teenager my life, very quickly became unmanageable and remained so for around 20 years, resulting in homelessness and a prison sentence. For the last 16 months I have been in recovery, carving a new clean and sober path for my future.

Our Staff Stories

HomelessnessDavid Cairns - withYOU

My time with MTAP

When I applied for the role at withYOU, I had no prior social care experience. Never did I think I would progress from the role of Caretaker to Senior Support Worker.

Mental HealthKayleigh Potter - Support Worker, West Lothian Mental Health Service

Kaleigh’s Story

When I was younger, I was interested in a career in law because I was passionate about our justice system and had a keen interest to learn more.

Homelessness Team

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General and support enquiries can be submitted through our online contact form.

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