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Learning Disability and Neurodiversity Support

Supporting people with a diverse range of learning disability and neurodiversity needs to live independently.

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At withYOU we support people with a diverse range of care needs. Our service users include people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health conditions, acquired brain injuries and mobility issues. Because there is so much diversity among the people we support, we provide different levels of care.

Core and cluster housing

Most of our supported accommodation runs on a ‘core and cluster’ model. Our service users have their own tenancies on the same street or building, with our office nearby. Our office is the ‘core’. The houses, where the people we support live, are the ‘cluster’.

This style of living gives people with learning disabilities and neurodiversity the opportunity to live independently, while having support staff nearby whenever they need them. They get to know the other service users as their neighbours and can build friendships.

Housing support and outreach

Running a household can be tricky. We’re here to help people with learning disabilities and neurodiversity with the day-to-day tasks that can easily become overwhelming. Things like paperwork, shopping and meal preparation.

Our outreach service can also give people companionship and support to enjoy days out and community activities. These services are available to people living outwith our core and cluster housing, too.

Staff qualifications

We’re passionate about learning and development at withYOU, and our support staff all have, or are working towards, statutory SVQ qualifications. Our staff are all registered with the Scottish Social Services Council under the Housing Support Register and the Care at Home Register. We also provide regular training, and fund our staff if they want to take on any extra qualifications related to their role.


Our care packages range from a small number of hours per week all the way up to 24/7 care. We can provide waking night or sleepover services, too. And of course, there’s supported living within our core and cluster houses and flats in East Lothian and Edinburgh.

Our Services

All of our services work with people who have a diagnosed Learning Disability, or who are neurodivergent. We give them support to live as independent a life as possible.

This includes helping them to attend groups, clubs and other community activities. We also help them to manage their household and cook healthy meals, as well as areas like gatekeeping and medication administration.

Each of our sites is different, providing an experience that truly suits the individuality of our service users.


Our Peffer core and cluster is located near Niddrie and Craigmillar, in the southeast of Edinburgh. Our staff base is close to all of the tenants we support. In fact, the Peffer staff base is inside the same tenement building as many of the residents’ flats!

The tenancies here are managed by a Housing Association, and are linked to withYOU.

Support packages start at 30 hours per week and go all the way up to 24/7 care.

East Craigs

Our East Craigs core and cluster is in the leafy suburb of Corstorphine, on the west side of Edinburgh. The cluster of houses and flats are managed by a Housing Association, and are linked to withYOU. Our staff base is nearby, so there’s always someone around to offer support.

East Craigs core and cluster support packages start at 30 hours per week.

We also provide outreach support to people living in the area, in tenancies that aren’t linked to withYOU. These outreach support packages start at seven hours per week.


Our newest core and cluster service is located in a modern apartment building in the centre of Edinburgh. The apartments are managed by a Housing Association, and linked to withYOU. Our staff base is right across the road.

Care packages range from 30 hours per week right up to 24/7.

East Lothian

Our ‘Core and Cluster’ housing in East Lothian has 10 houses and flats beside each other, in a cul-de-sac. We also offer outreach and community support to people living in the local area. We provide a range of support here: including personal care, managing food, budgeting, paying bills and social support. We also help people to find other useful services , and even support them to go on holiday.


Our outreach services in Midlothian aren’t core and cluster. Instead, we give support to people who have their own tenancies from a range of housing providers. We help people with general care, give them social support, and help with daily tasks like reading the mail and paying their bills.

Care packages range from a few hours per week up to 24/7 care.

West Lothian (Cardross)

Cardross is a small service currently supporting a few individuals in West Lothian, who require 24/7 care.


We provide outreach services in East Lothian, Midlothian and Edinburgh. We also have core and cluster housing in East Lothian and Edinburgh, and offer 24/7 support to some people in West Lothian.

We support people aged 18 to 65 who have learning disabilities and neurodiversity. Unfortunately we don’t support children with learning disabilities at this time.

All of our support is based on helping people to maintain an independent lifestyle. We do this by helping them to maintain their tenancies, either within or outwith our core and cluster housing.

Yes. We have a 24/7 support service, with a night shift available to help out in an emergency.


Most of our referrals come directly from social workers. We also accept self-directed referrals, for those who think that our services would suit them. Get in touch with your local authority for a referral, or contact us for more information.