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Older People

Supporting older people in Edinburgh and the Lothians to live a full and fulfilling life.

Older people - Service


Getting old is part of life, but can come with conditions that make day-to-day tasks hard. Our support staff help older people to live independently and remain active in their local community. They work closely with older people to build trust and friendship while helping them to live with dignity and joy.

Every person is different, which is why we offer different levels of care. Older people can get round-the-clock care at our supported accommodation in St Leonards, enjoy socialising at the Pleasance Day Service or have outreach workers pop in to provide support at home.

Day Service

The Pleasance Day Centre on West Adam Street, Edinburgh, is open from Wednesday to Friday. It offers space for older people in the community to get together and spend quality time with each other, engaging in a range of activities.

People can arrive by themselves or get picked up in our shuttle. There’s always something exciting going on: whether it’s crafting and gentle exercise or a good old fashioned game of skittles. The centre has its own kitchen, so everyone can enjoy healthy cooked meals together.

Care at Home

Age comes to us all, and it affects everyone differently. That’s why we treat everyone with dignity, and make sure all of our older service users have a care plan tailored to them.

While some older people may need help to bathe properly, others just may just need a gentle reminder. Everyone gets their own key worker who takes time to understand their needs, and what they enjoy doing with their life.

Housing Support

We want to help older people to live independently for as long as possible. That’s why we offer social support to help make sure bills are being paid on time, that food is being delivered and that they’re getting out and about.

Whatever their needs, our staff are there to keep things on an even keel. This can mean organising cleaners and helping with meal prep, or it could be taking a wee trip to the garden centre.

And, for those who need more support, we have 20 flats in the St Leonards area of Edinburgh. With on-site night caretakers, service users benefit from an all-round 24 hour service in case of emergency.


Our team has the capacity to deal with a diverse range of additional support needs that our older service users may have. Some of our older people experience memory loss, and others have chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis (MS).

We also have experience working with older people who have learning difficulties, alcohol dependency or issues with substance misuse. Our service staff are fully trained and able to assist all older people, while treating them with the friendliness and dignity that they deserve.

Referral routes

We work closely with local authorities to provide care and support to older people in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We work on a referral basis, and are often recommended to older people by their social workers and care managers.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from our support we recommend you speak to your local authority and ask for a referral.


Our older age care  is for anyone aged 55 or older.

Our services for older people are based in Edinburgh, with capacity to serve people across the Lothians. The Pleasance Day Service is located on West Adam Street, while our residential supported accommodation is a few minutes’ drive away in the St Leonards area.

The Pleasance Day Service on West Adam Street is open from Wednesday to Friday. We offer social activities in a group setting. This includes eating lunch together, playing games, arts and crafts or simply chatting. We also provide a shuttle for pick-up and drop-off.

Round-the-clock support is available at our residential ‘Care at Home’ cluster in St Leonards, Edinburgh, which has 20 flats. This is provided by our team of fully trained care workers and night care team.

Older people who aren’t planning to move into supported living at St Leonards can access help through our outreach service.

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