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Learning and Development

Grow your career in care with our learning and development opportunities.

We’re passionate about having the best people work for us. We also want to have the best qualified, too. That’s why we offer a range of learning and development opportunities to help you take your career in social care to the next level. Whether you’ve spent years in the industry or are a recent graduate looking for a step up, there’s something for every level.

Staff stories

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Andrea Leadley, Team Manager

Andrea started at withYOU in 1999 as a student, and worked her way up to become Team Manager for Learning Disability and Neurodiversity.

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Jade Holmes, Senior Support Worker

Jade decided to make a career change from retail to care. 16 years later, she’s thriving as a Senior Support Worker.

“I enjoy every aspect of working here. I enjoy that every day is different: you never get bored in this job. Some things shock you, some things surprise you, but most of all it’s very rewarding as well.”


Our jobs are open to people who are new to social care, as well as those who want to develop their current social care careers.

Check our vacancy page to see what’s currently available.

Career progression

We take career development seriously. Statutory qualifications are mandatory for SSSC registered workers, and we make sure everyone is properly trained and equipped to do their roles, and also to develop a deep level of knowledge or specialism in particular areas, as career progression can mean more than promotion.

As well as official qualifications such as SVQs and Modern Apprenticeship, we also offer training on things you may come across during your workday. For example handling change and conflict as well as more serious issues like suicidal ideation, trauma and addiction.

In our Performance Management Process, we have conversations with staff about where they want to go and how we can support them getting there. This way, staff have a say in their own training and development and can identify any knowledge gaps that need filled.

SVQ learning opportunities

Care is a very practical role. We learn on the job, by doing. But we also learn using best practice models. We’ll put you on training courses so you understand why what you’re doing works.

The Social Services and Healthcare SVQ at level three or four is mandatory, depending on your role.

If there’s an area of social care you’re interested in studying, we may be able to fund your qualification. Simply show how the course of your choice will support your role and our development as an organisation.

Modern Apprenticeship

We’ve recently joined the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme for young people who want to learn on the job. You gain a qualification, earn money and build real-world experience of the social care sector. Nothing beats getting hands-on. The scheme is open to anyone aged 16 or older. It also makes an excellent addition to your CV.