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Joe Glen, Support Worker

Joe Glen

My name is Joe Glen and I work within Horizons, which is a Youth Homelessness housing support service. My background is in economic regeneration in Glasgow, which I embarked upon after graduating from Strathclyde University Business School. I ran an organisation also called Horizons, which operated in the Greater Pollok area of Glasgow, where we provided access to training, employment counselling, childcare support, and benefit advice. I was also involved in setting up a multimedia project called SWAMP, that provided training in music and sound production, film making, art and drama to build the confidence of young people disengaged with learning and returned them to education, training, or employment.

I always enjoyed the challenges of working with young people and moving them forward with better skills and more confidence. I applied for my current post as it aims to do the same thing.

I am loving the role and have already built good rapport and am providing support to the young people who are referred to us. I am part of a team who are totally committed to helping the young people to achieve their personal goals and be able to live independently. Part of that is learning to cook healthy meals for themselves. I love to cook and have already started to teach the young people how they can too, saving money and enjoying the fact they prepared it themselves. I look forward to continuing this work along with my colleagues on the team. It can be hectic, but it is always rewarding and worthwhile, and I love the role.